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Shinei has reviewed and interviewed thousands of candidates ranging from Interns to Executives. She specializes in technical writing and strategically structuring resumes to highlight skills and software.


A recruiter typically spends an average of 6 seconds scanning each resume. With such a short amount of time, it's important to organize your resume and include powerful words and data that catches the eye.


Shinei will rejuvenate your resume by:

  • Reconfiguring the format of your resume

  • Highlighting your skills and technical capabilities

  • Developing a professional summary

  • Detailing metric based accomplishments


She has industry experience in Aerospace, IT, Engineering, Medical, Oil and Gas, Food and Beverage, and much more! Shinei's clients range from all walks of life and include entrepreneurs, college students, business professionals, and Fortune 500 companies.

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4 day turnaround

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I just wanted to say thank you for the amazing work you did on my behalf, there is nothing that I needed to fix or add, everything was perfect! Whats most amazing is I didnt provide much info to you but somehow you were able to capture my exact essence! As I was reading over everything, I just kept saying "thats me, thats me!", and it is me and my sentiments but you put it in a very professional, organized way. You have boosted my confidence in a major way, I appreciate you and your gift tremendously, if theres anything I can do for you dont hesitate to ask and I look forward to working with you on coaching real soon!


Shinei and caring and thoughtful. She really listens to you and helps you find the best path to your end goal. I did the standard package with the resume and job description add-ons. All components were thoughtfully crafted and executed. She took my resumes and was able to create three distinct ones, one for each field I was applying to (social media, project management, and social impact). Definitely worth it!


I could not be more pleased with my new and improved resume, cover letter, and refreshed LinkedIn page! Shinei has a professional and elegant way with words, and she was able to give my boring resume a much needed makeover. It is sure to attract just the right employer and opportunities. I highly recommend her services!


Outstanding work! I was in a little rush with my project, ddacoaching absolutely crushed it my cover letter and delivered it earlier than I expected. I can totally recommend working with her, I am definitely coming back for other work.


Shinei was professional, timely and quite responsive to my resume, cover letter and LinkedIn inquiries and comments. My resume is polished, my cover letter is concise and my LinkedIn profile has been rejuvenated. I will recommend her to others. Thanks again, Shinei! All the best!


Shinei was able to deliver in a timely manner. Even after not sending her the most updated resume. She was able to update the resume and my LinkedIn account and added additional perks because I'm special. Well, that's how I felt after only meeting Shinei for less than 24 hours.


Very easy to work with, communicative and a real pro at their service(s).


Professional service, quick turnaround and helpful advice. Thank you!


I could not be happier with the final version. I am so glad I got the reworked resume, but she also had my LinkedIn profile rejuvenated.


She responded quickly and did an awesome job. Thanks.


The process of working with ddacoaching was seemless and very helpful. I was able to easily edit each document, change the color schemes, and have it ready for employers immedately. As well, my LinkedIn profile is now fully updated and looks great. Don't look any further and go with ddacoaching.


Totally worth it. I was expecting that my resume would be cleaned up a bit but within what I could do if I spent a couple of hours. This was way above that. This is a resume I am no longer embarrassed to share out. She even helped me to make it Google Doc friendly since I am a Google user. VERY HAPPY!