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Need help restructuring your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn?


Well you're in the right place! The "How To Find Your Next Career" mini series goes into detail on how you can:


Part 1 - 40min

  • Identify your interests and goals
  • Format your resume
  • Create a cover letter


Part 2 - 30min

  • Build your professional brand
  • Network with companies/people in your desired industry
  • Navigate job boards and job postings
  • Update your resume and cover letter before applying to jobs
  • Application follow up
  • and much more!


Watch the videos as many times as you like and at whatever speed you prefer. Take the next step in your career today! :)


Tutorial Video: How To Find Your Next Career - Part 1

  • YouTube

  • Please provide your email address in order to grant access (Gmail preferred).

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